Our Partners

During several working years, we have established a good cooperation with below mentioned companies.





Rostock, Germany

Scandlines GmbH is one of Europe’s largest ferry companies, established in 1998 by a merger of the largest national ferry companies in Denmark and Germany. The core area is triangle between Denmark, Germany and Sweden, where Scandlines have the densest route network of any ferry company. Since several years Scandlines and RIX are partners. The established cooperation is based on trust, very good quality and accuracy.




Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI)
Riga, Latvia

LCCI is a non-governmental, voluntary organisation uniting Latvian companies of different sectors. The aim of the organisation is to create favourable business environment, represent economic interests of Latvia's enterprises and offer business promotion services. LCCI represents business interests through a dialogue with national and local governments and participates in the drafting of commercial legislation in Latvia.  


German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce
Riga, Latvia

orga ahk balttable20German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce in Estonia, Latvian, Lithuania (AHK) has 15 years of actively supporting the external economic relations between Germany and the Baltic countries. AHK has offices in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius, and the chamber membership is approaching 400 people.
All the 26 employees have extensive knowledge of national markets and sectors, as well as long-term experience and expertise in business interest representation in the Baltics.  


IT Technologies

active logistics

Koblenz, Germany

it active logisticstable20 active logistics is a German logistics company, which employs more than 250 employees and offers IT solutions for transport and logistics companies. Currently active logistics software is used more than in 350 companies, but around 1000 companies with 13 000 users are ensured with ASP solutions.

Riga, Latvia

it elva1table20
Elva 1 is a Latvian company which offers IT solutions since 1991. It is the first IT company in Latvia, which has received ISO-9001 certificate for a structured work environment and qualified customer service. The company is focused on a new technology research and implementation, thus giving customers a possibility to integrate this technology for job purposes.


idem GmbH
Munich, Germany

it idemtable20
Idem offers to its customers - the freight companies - a variety of cooling, temperature fixating and maintenance solutions as well as cargo security and telematics. We have more than 10 years of experience working with clients and offering the best solutions for each company's need.


Ahaus, Germany

it tobittable20Since 1986 Tobit.Software develops and markets products for the exchange of information and dealing with it. With just about 200 employees, the company located in Ahaus in North Rhine-Westphalia is possibly the smallest Global Player in the first division of standard software. FaxWare, David or ClipInc: The products by Tobit.Software continue to be the measure of all things and already enthuse several millions of commercial and private users.






RIX Logistics


RIX provides effective and fast logistic concepts and is your competent partner for global transportation!


We provide individual and complex services of cargo delivery, storage, customs clearance as well as supply chain management and consulting, what together with newest technologies results in the best quality.

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